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You've got questions, we've got answers... Hopefully, they're easy.

⦿ What size should I get?
Take a peek at our size chart, go a size larger if you're inbetween sizes.

⦿ I've got a great idea for a pocket tee can you make it?
Sure! IG, FB or send us a text or email & we'll see what we can do.
@pandabuttshop / 346-808-0818 /

⦿ Can you rush my order, pretty please?
Um, we'll do our best. But you do know we're in Hawaii, right? Land of the lazy. Plus we're pandas & sleeping is part of being a bear? Anyhoo, send us an email & we'll see what we can do.

⦿ I changed my mind. I know you made them for me, but can I return them?
You got that right we made that tee just for you. It'll totally hurt our feelings if you return them, plus isn't that's what eBay, Poshmark or yard sales are for?

⦿ Are the sizes of pockets different among Guys, Gals & Kids? 
Yup! Makes sense, right? Guy sizes are bigger than Gals & Gals are bigger than Kids. So a pocket made for Guys will be gigantic for Kids. And a pocket made for a Kid would be teeny for... Awww.. Got it! 😉

 Guy & Gal Pocket Tees by Panda Butt

Peace ✌️